2:30 LRN Newscast Nov 25

Some are calling it a Thanksgiving Day miracle; a man who fell overboard from a Carnival cruise ship in the Gulf was found and rescued last night. The Coast Guard says some hours passed before the ship’s crew knew he was missing and radioed them for search and rescue. They located him about 6 hours later, and a chopper pulled him from the water. He may have been keeping himself afloat for nearly a full day, without a life preserver. Often when person fall or jump off cruise ships, they are never found.

Early voting starts tomorrow for the December 10th election. State Elections Commissioner Sherri Hadskey says you’ll have seven full days to vote at your leisure…:

CUT 13  (09)        “…December the tenth.”

On the ballot, 3 constitutional amendments and local runoffs and other issues. Find your sample ballot online at “GeauxVote.com.”


Deputies in St. Martin Parish are investigating a Thanksgiving evening murder/suicide in Youngsville. 40-year-old Misti Romero was found shot to death in a business parking lot. They identified a suspect – 54-year-old Andrew DeRouen – and found him some time later; dead from a self-inflicted gunshot. The investigation is ongoing.

The St Landry Parish Council has approved the parish’s first solar farm project. Officials say construction will begin next year on a 900-acre site in a rural area north of Opelousas. Lightsource BP development manager Jack Steele says it is expected to be operational by end of 2024. He says solar power is great for the environment and an effective way to produce energy..:

CUT 10(10)      “…of homes.”

Steele says the panels will be high enough off the ground that sheep and cattle can graze beneath them.