12:30 LRN Newscast Nov 25

The U.S. Coast Guard has found and rescued a man who fell overboard from a Carnival cruise ship in the Gulf. They began their search Thursday at around 2:30 and found the 28-year-old man by 8:30. A chopper plucked him from the water and he is OK. The Coast Guard says the ship’s crew was unware the man was missing for hours before they radioed. The man might have been in the water for almost a whole day.

The holiday shopping season is officially underway, and experts predict inflation will force spending as high as $950-billion this year. LSU Marketing Professor Dan Rice says remember not all advertised “doorbuster” sales are actually a good value, and it helps to do some research on the normal prices of items on your shopping list before you go shopping…:

CUT 05(10)      “…time of year.”


Louisiana’s green energy industry continues to grow, as the St Landry Parish Council approves that parish’s first solar farm project…:

CUT 03(30)      “…Golsby.”

Early Voting for the December 10th election starts tomorrow. State Elections Commissioner Sherri Hadskey…:

CUT 15(09)      “…and propositions.”

For information on the ballot, go to “GeauxVote.com”