LRN AM Newscall November 25

Tomorrow is Black Friday and Jeff Palermo has the latest trends for one of the biggest shopping days of the year…

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Holiday shopping online? An LSU Cybersecurity Expert has some tips to keep your money out of the hands of scammers. Kevin Gallagher has more…:

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The nonprofit Troops Direct is asking for help to provide critical supplies to American service members. Aaron Negherbon (NEAR-BON) says Troops Direct is unique.

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Negherbon says they do not supply care packages. They supply items such as medical kits, GPS units, sleeping bags, helmets, and even K-9 care kits.

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He says due to the specialized nature of what they supply, they are asking for cash donations only.  He says their overhead is only about 9 to 10 percent of their overall budget.  There are four people on staff and one is a Marine Corps veteran.

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He says the need is year-round, not just during the holidays. To donate, go to


Tomorrow is the one of the busiest shopping days of the year as shoppers will look for great deals to complete their Christmas shopping list. Jill Gonzales with the personal finance website, Wallethub-dot-com says based on their research, J-C Penny, Belk and Macy’s have the best Black Friday deals…

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Gonzales says if you’re looking for great deals to buy a new computer or phone, Black Friday usually doesn’t provide great value…

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Gonzales says if you don’t want to shop, there are always gift cards…

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With holiday shopping in full swing, security professionals have a few tips on how to have a safe one when making online purchases. LSU Cybersecurity Expert Abe (BAH-gil-lee) Baggili to use a credit card for those purchases versus a debit card so you can get your money back if it proves to be a scam.

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And if the price sounds too good to be true it probably is. Knock-off websites tend to have more of a security risk, so avoid them. Baggili says to also read online reviews about the product and or vendor before you enter payment information. And also, be mindful of the wi-fi connection you’re using.

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Baggili says to also never reveal too much personal information when making purchases, or in general to avoid identity theft.  And be sure to check your credit card statements that you use to make online purchases…

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Another safety tip Baggili says when shopping at a store in person, is to use your phone to make purchases so your card number is not revealed.


Looking for some post-Thanksgiving fun? You may want to check out the Louisiana Renaissance Festival; now in its 23rd year. Festival CEO Alvon Brumfield says it’s a celebration and re-creation of European culture of the Middle Ages, and loaded with fun and entertainment…:

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The L.R.F. is located just minutes off I-12 near Hammond. It’s open tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday…and will be open for two more weekends after that. Visitors can see live jousting, a birds of prey exhibit, sing along with minstrels and pirates, play games of skill, enjoy many delicious foods and shop dozens of vendors selling hand-made works. Brumfield says this year’s festival has been a terrific success…:

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The Louisiana Renaissance Festival is good fun for the whole family. There is stuff for children and things more geared for adults. Brumfield says it’s smart to buy your tickets online before you leave the house. Do that at “”…:

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Rain is predicted to end Friday, so don’t let that stop you. The Louisiana Renaissance Festival closes for the year December 11th.