4:30 LRN Newscast Nov 23

A Baton Rouge man is under arrest for allegedly killing his own father because the man blew his nose. 21-year-old Adam Carter told officers at the scene he gets angered by nose-blowing and when his father did it they argued, then he shot him. BRPD’s Sgt. L’Jean McKneely says this will be rough on the family, right at the holidays…:

CUT 08  (10)        “…before Thanksgiving.”

The victim is identified as 64-year-old Ronnie Carter.

Big holiday meals can mean getting sick from food-borne illnesses. USDA food safety expert Ken King says when preparing the meal, remember: clean, separate, cook and chill…:

CUT 12  (09)        “…the breast.”

Questions? Call USDA’s Meat & Poultry Hotline: 888-674-6854.


Prepare yourself for a rainy Thanksgiving Day. Two weather systems – one from the Gulf and one from Oklahoma – will clash to bring up to 4 inches of rain in many parishes. State Climatologist Barry Keim says stay weather-alert, because flash flooding is possible…:

CUT 11  (09)        “…need the rain.”

The rain should move out starting early Friday.

Lafayette based restaurant delivery service ASAP, formerly known as WAITR, says they will lay off 100 employees shortly after January 1st. ASAP cites a “prolonged decrease in revenue” as the reason for the reduction in force. The company says they lost about $73-million in the 3rd Quarter. They blame competition in deliveries, inflation and high fuel prices.

Don’t forget Saturday is Small Business Saturday; a day to do some Christmas shopping at those local “mom “ pop” stores.