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Louisiana is gaining back 3500 oil and gas jobs by mid-2023. That’s according to a new report from LSU’s Center for Energy Studies. Marsanne Golsby has more.

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A survey on kindness ranks the Bayou State in the Top Ten. Brooke Thorington has more.

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Louisiana ranks 49th among states for its overall quality of life. Kevin Gallagher has more on that…:

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A new report from LSU’s Center for Energy Studies predicts  Louisiana will regain thousands of jobs in the oil and gas industry by the middle of next year. Research professor Greg Upton says this year Louisiana has already gained 2500  jobs that involve extracting oil and gas from the ground.

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He says the state lost 8700 upstream oil and gas sector energy jobs during the pandemic. Now he says the worldwide demand for energy has bounced back in a big way.

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He says Louisiana refining and chemical manufacturing jobs are increasing because we refine many of the raw materials produced in other parts of the country and prepare them for export to the developing world, particularly Asia. He says that increased worldwide demand makes up for the drop in demand in the United States.

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According to a study by Louisiana is among the top ten in generosity.  The survey, conducted in partnership with Verizon and NextDoor, questioned 10-thousand people from all 50 states about kind acts they would do for their neighbors. Verizon spokesperson Andrew Testa…

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He says the rankings are configurated by a kindness quotient and neighbors who say they will do things like return a lost item or forgive a neighbor’s debt, receive a higher ranking.

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Among the top five are Georgia, Tennessee, North Carolina, Arkansas, and Utah.

With Giving Tuesday and Thanksgiving around the corner Testa says among some of the kindest things you can do for your neighbor are…

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Testa says while kindness doesn’t cost much it does make a big impact.


Louisiana ranks near the bottom among states for the overall prosperity of its people, according to the annual American Dream Prosperity Index published by the Milken Center for Advancing the American Dream. MCAAD Senior advisor Farah Pandith (FAR-uh PAN-dith) says the news for Louisiana isn’t completely bad however…:

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For example, despite the very low overall rating, Louisiana ranks 17th for Economic Quality.

The ADPI compiles by-state data on 11 so-called “pillars of prosperity” and indicators of such, with an eye to what can be improved with public policy. They look at the economy, education, internet connectivity, employment opportunity and more. Pandith says societal problems plague Louisiana, and they’re the same problems seen everywhere…:

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Pandith says parishes with the strongest QOL include St. Tammany, Lafayette, St. Charles, Livingston and Ascension. Among the lowest ranking: East Carroll, West Carroll, Madison, Avoyelles and Washington parishes. Pandith says Claiborne Parish deserves recognition for the most improved QOL…:

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You can read the entire ADPI profile for Louisiana at “” Search Louisiana.


The Avoyelles Hospital is undergoing renovations and expanding its services to better serve both residents of the parish and visitors. The hospital opened in 1938, but has had very little in the way of updates and expansion. Administrator and CEO at Avoyelles Hospital Tim Curry says the renovation is the second and third phase of a prior project that will help to expand numerous parts of the hospital…

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Combined, the renovation is a $25 million private investment. Curry says the investment will improve healthcare for the community…

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Curry says this will have a major impact on serving the needs of a rural community like Avoyelles. He says this is a massive step for not just the parish, but rural communities across the state…

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LSU will host UAB in their final home game of the season Saturday. In his first season with LSU, Head Coach Brian Kelly has led the Tigers to an SEC West Championship, and fifth-year senior Mich Baskerville reflected on the ups and downs of his time at LSU…

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This has also been a roller-coaster of a season for the Tigers who didn’t expect to be in the race for an SEC Title and a spot in the CFP Playoffs come the end of November. Except for Kelly that is, who offensive lineman Miles Frazier says knew and encouraged the turnaround the team could make…

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With only two games left before the SEC Championship and an emotional night against UAB ahead, the Tigers aren;t taking their foot of the gas yet. Frazier emphasized the importance of preparing for every opponent with the same attention to detail…

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Louisiana Tech will visit Charlotte Saturday for the first time in program history. The Bulldogs won the schools’ first meeting last year 42-32. This year, Charlotte sits alone at the bottom of the Conference USA standings. The 49ers are 0-5 at home this season, but the Bulldogs are 0-6 on the road. LA Tech Coach Sonny Cumbie hopes to break the streak that he blames on a lack of mental fortitude…

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The Bulldogs are coming off a 51-7 loss to UTSA last weekend. Freshman quarterback Landry Lyddy made his second start of the season in place of the injured Parker McNeil and will start again this week in Charlotte. Cumbie says he’s excited for the chance to get the freshman more experience.

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Kickoff is at 2:30