1:30 LRN Newscast

Louisiana Congressman Clay Higgins posted a joke on Twitter in response to the news that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband was attacked with a hammer by an intruder that broke into their San Francisco home. The tweet read, “The moment you realize a nudist hippie male prostitute LSD guy was the reason your husband didn’t make it to your fundraiser.” The post was deleted last night. ULM Political Science Professor Pearson Cross says a staffer for Higgins likely took it down…
cut 10 (09) “….the moment”

Louisiana’s agriculture industry is not laughing about the low Mississippi River levels. Clint Wilson, director of the LSU Center for River Studies, says lower water levels means barges transport fewer goods and businesses that service ports are also hurting…
cut 4 (10) “…being impacted”

The Powerball Jackpot reaches one-billion dollars. Brooke Thorington has more on this historic jackpot.
Cut 2 (31) “…Brooke Thorington”

Apple has updated its latest operating system to 16.1 and Haggai Davis, Customer Success Manager at General Informatics says they never recommend someone go to a full upgrade for example 15 to version 16, he advises waiting for the first update of a new version before you download it.
Cut 12 (06) “….worked out.”