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According to Walgreens’ flu tracker, Louisiana leads the country in cases. Brooke Thorington has more.

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Saints Head Coach Dennis Allen announced Andy Dalton will be the starting quarterback moving forward even with Jameis Winston a full participant in practice. Coach Allen’s decision was performance-based.

The offense under Dalton has been one of the top-ranked in both yards and points, and Allen said Dalton will keep the starting job if that trend continues. Dalton and the Saints will host the 2-4 Raiders at noon this Sunday.


Louisiana shrimpers say their industry is in shambles. They say rising fuel costs, lax testing of imports, and most of all, competition from foreign imports are the culprits. Acy Cooper is President of the Louisiana Shrimp Association.

He says the imported shrimp is not only bad for the economy, but it’s also bad for consumers’ health. He cites a Consumer Reports study on shrimp safety.

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Tomorrow, Southeastern Louisiana University will begin providing independent scientific monitoring of the Lake Maurepas ecosystem. The goal is to see where the lake stands before Air Products begins its project to inject captured carbon emissions into wells deep beneath the lake.

Dan McCarthy is the dean of Southeastern’s College of Science and Technology.

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