PM LRN Newscall for Friday August 15

Campaign finance reports show Republican Congressman and US Senate candidate Bill Cassidy surpassing Democratic incumbent Senator Mary Landrieu when it comes to cash on hand. Don Molino has the story…

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LSU is currently involved in research focusing on cars that will have the ability to communicate with each other. Eric Gill has more…

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According to the Federal Elections Commission, G-O-P Congressman and US Senate candidate Bill Cassidy has more campaign cash available than democratic incumbent Mary Landrieu. Cassidy’s war chest is at 5-point-6 million, while Landrieu is at 5-point-5 million. UL Lafayette Political Science Professor Pearson Cross says it’s a significant accomplishment for Cassidy

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From July 1st to August 2nd, Cassidy raised 629-thousand dollars. That’s 53-thousand dollars more than what Landrieu collected. Cross says it will be interesting to see how the Landrieu campaign reacts

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Tea party candidate Rob Maness has only 200-thousand dollars on hand. Cross anticipates 25-million dollars will be spent by the candidates and third-party groups before its all over

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LSU is currently involved in research focusing on cars that will have the ability to communicate with each other. The technology is similar to Wi-Fi and will allow cars to collect and exchange traffic information with each other. Engineering Professor Sherif (sha-REEF) Ishak (EYE-shack) says this will improve road safety…

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Ishak says this technology will also have the ability to reduce delays and cut down on car pollution. He says cars will be able to warn drivers down the road of accidents, traffic jams, and other road hazards. Ishak says it’s a simple system…

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He says information will be passed from one vehicle to another along the network. The more vehicles on the road with this technology the farther the information will travel. Ishak says studies of the system are currently underway…

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Elio Motors is about a year away from producing its three-wheeled vehicle  at the former General Motors plant in Shreveport. Elio Motors announced in January 2013 they would manufacturer their commuter car in northwest Louisiana and Caddo Parish Commissioner Michael Thibodeaux says he’s glad the founder of Elio Motors, Paul Elio, is still committed to Louisiana

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Paul Elio has told the Associated Press that 27-thousand people have already reserved one of their three-wheel cars that will get 84 miles to the gallon and cost 68-hundred dollars. Thibodaux says he’s not surprised in the interest

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Elio plans to produce 250-thousand cars a year at the Shreveport facility by 2016. Thibodaux says Shreveport is looking forward to getting back into the car making policy

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Supporters of the controversial Common Core academic standards won a battle in the courtroom today. Judge Tim Kelley denied a request from 17 lawmakers, who filed a lawsuit seeking a temporary injunction of the implementation of Common Core.  Council for a Better Louisiana President Barry Erwin says it was a strong ruling Judge Kelley

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The anti-Common Core legislators argued that BESE and the department of education didn’t follow the Administrative Procedures Act when they adopted Common Core standards. Erwin says they are pleased the judge denied the request for a temporary injunction

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Judge Kelley’s ruling means schools can use Common Core standards in writing, math and reading that have been over the last four years. An assessment test is still not in place for this school year, but Erwin says today was a good first step in getting this issue resolved

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