10:30 LRN Newscast Oct 3

Gary Chambers, a challenger to Republican U-S Senator John Kennedy’s re-election effort says the Senator’s latest campaign ad has a racist message. In the 30-second ad, Kennedy discusses his support for tough-on-crime legislation and his opposition to defunding the police…

Cut 3 (06) “…crack head.” 

Chambers says it’s a racist message because it’s directed at a certain subset of the population.

The state Department of Education has a new initiative to help make schools safer. Superintendent Dr. Cade Brumley says they’ll announce the plan later this morning, along with representatives of Crimestoppers of Greater New Orleans…:

Cut 13 (12) “…important responsibility.”
The idea is to implement a program that would let students inform officials of possible violence while remaining anonymous.

The University of New Orleans announces a new energy center is coming to its research and technology park. UNO research and technology foundation president Rebecca Conwell says the school is using a $10 million-dollar federal grant and five million dollars in state funds to research things like wind-generated electricity from turbines in the Gulf.

Cut 5 (10) “…anywhere else.”

The state has signed a $600 Million HUD grant agreement for recovery from Hurricanes Laura and Delta. Executive Director of the Louisiana Office of Community Development Pat Forbes says it means the state finally has the money to help those who were impacted by the two hurricanes in 2020.

Cut 10 (12) “…retore Louisiana.

For more information visit restore.la.gov