7:30 LRN Newscast

Federal assistance is finally available for homes and businesses that received damage from Hurricanes Laura and Delta as the state has signed a 600-million dollar grant agreement with the federal government that opens up a line of credit. Executive Director of the Louisiana Office of Community Development Pat Forbes says fill out a survey to see if you are eligible…
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Over 79-hundred homeowners have completed the survey and another 22-hundred have been invited to submit applications.

The Louisiana Department of Education will announce a partnership with Crimestoppers Greater New Orleans today that will encourage school systems to make an app available to students where they can report potential acts of violence on campus. Superintendent of Education Cade Brumley says too many kids are reluctant to come forward for fear they’ll be branded a rat…
cut 14 (07) “…in a public way”
They will be introducing there Say It Here mobile app for middle and high schools.

The University of New Orleans announces a new energy center is coming to its research and technology park. UNO research and technology foundation president Rebecca Conwell says the school is using a $10 million dollar federal grant and five million dollars in state funds to be a catalyst in the growing renewable energy sector
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Conwell says much of the research will focus on green hydrogen, in particular wind energy from the Gulf of Mexico.

Louisiana residents on food stamps receive an increase in their monthly maximum benefits starting this month. Assistant Secretary for the Department of Children and Family Services Shavana Howard says a household of four that receives SNAP benefits will see their monthly maximum rise to 939-dollars, almost a hundred dollar increase
Cut 7 (05) “…across the country.”
Howard says gross and net monthly income limits for households are also increasing.