LRN PM Newscall September 26

A federal judge will not halt Louisiana’s plan to move juvenile offenders from a detention center in Jefferson Parish to the state penitentiary at Angola. Jeff Palermo has the story…

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Forecasters say Hurricane Ian is forecast to hit somewhere in Florida as early as Wednesday night as a major hurricane. Marsanne Golsby tells us how it might impact Louisiana.

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A federal judge will not block Louisiana’s plan to move about two-dozen troubled juvenile offenders from Bridge City Center for Youth in Jefferson Parish to the State Penitentiary at Angola. Civil rights attorneys and the parents of the children say teenagers should not be sent to Angola, but legal analyst Dane Ciolino says the state made a convincing argument to Judge Shelly Dick

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The state is looking to reduce the population at the Bridge City Center because of numerous escapes and fights at the facility. Ciolino says housing juvenile offenders at Angola brings concerns, but Judge Dick agreed the state has to do something about the violence inside the Bridge City Center for Youth…

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The Edwards administration has said the transfer to of juvenile inmates to Angola is only temporary, until renovations are completed at the Jetson Center for Youth in East Baton Rouge Parish. Ciolino says Judge Dick took that into account in her ruling…

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The state has not publicly set a date on when the juveniles will be transferred to Angola.


Hurricane Ian is in the Caribbean nearing Cuba and heading towards Florida as a Category 1 hurricane. Ben Schott with NOAA says its path shows some uncertainty, but not enough to concern us in Louisiana.

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Depending on where it hits, Ian is forecast to hit somewhere in Florida as early as Wednesday night as a major hurricane. Schott says one of the biggest concerns for Florida is possible storm surges in Tampa Bay. The current forecast has the eye hitting right where the Florida peninsula meets the panhandle.

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Schott says the biggest impact for south Louisiana should be breezy conditions and for southeast Louisiana….

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Louisiana will have great weather this week as it will be dry with high temperatures in the low to mid 80s after a cold front moves through the state today.


Houma police say a woman who threw her infant son off a bridge Friday is now being held on attempted murder charges. Lt. Travis Theriot says when officers arrived at the Liberty Street Bridge around 5 PM they learned that 30-year Asha Randolph threw her 18-month-old child off the bridge into Bayou Terrebonne.

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Theriot says the child was taken to the hospital for treatment and is expected to make a full recovery. The incident remains under investigation and a motive has not been determined.

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According to witnesses, Theriot says shortly after Randolph threw her child over, she entered the water herself to recover the child. He says the outcome could have been much different if those eyewitnesses had not called 9-1-1.

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In addition to attempted first-degree murder, Randolph also faces child desertion and obstruction of justice charges.


Entergy Louisiana has been approved by the state Public Service Commission to purchase power from four Louisiana solar “farms” that are in the planning and construction stages. Entergy President Phillip May says expanding into green energy sources helps fulfill a growing demand for cleaner electricity while lowering dependence on fossil fuels to generate power.

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Entergy will purchase 475 megawatts of power from plants in St. James, Washington, and Allen parishes. The PSC also approved Entergy’s “Geaux Green” option; creating a new green energy tariff.

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Most of the solar farm sites are expected to begin producing power by early 2024. Entergy will buy their electricity under 20-year agreements. May says it’s a big step forward for Entergy in moving to newer, cleaner energy sources.

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