4:30 LRN Newscast August 30

A youth justice advocacy group called Families and Friends of Louisiana gathered at the state capitol today demanding that Louisiana not transfer violent juvenile offenders to Angola. Executive Director Gina Womack says the state should instead invest more dollars into education, therapy, and healing of the offenders and not…:

CUT 11(06)      “…incarcerating kids.”

The state is looking to remove some of the juveniles from the Bridge City Center for Youth in Jefferson Parish because of continuous problems at the center; like four escapes and a violent riot so far this year.

Watch out for those West Nile mosquitos, warns the state Health Department, after a confirmed case of the potentially fatal West Nile disease turns up in a person in Acadiana. LDH’s Dr. Glennis Gray says two people have died so far this year, and 14 have the Neuroinvasive form of West Nile…:

CUT 08(05)      “…resurrects itself.”

Get rid if any standing water on your property, where skeeters can breed.


The average price for a gallon of regular gas in Louisiana today is $3.40, down nine cents from a week ago. But the big question is “will prices keep going down?”

CUT 01(33)      “…Thorington.”

The Coast Guard reports two boaters were rescued from a disabled vessel off the coast near Morgan City this morning. The boaters sent a one word message: “help.” A helicopter searched and spotted the men’s signal flare, and hoisted them to safety. They were checked out a New Orleans hospital and are OK.