3:30 LRN Newscast August 19

By a 4-3 decision, the state Supreme Court has ruled that Shreveport Mayor Adrian Perkins CAN run for re-election in November. Justices heard arguments Tuesday, and their decision came down this morning. Perkins’s was disqualified by a local judge because he listed the wrong address on election qualification papers. LSU-Shreveport political science professor Jeff Sadow says 4 of the 7 justices felt a simple clerical error – with no evidence of intent to deceive – didn’t constitute “wrong-doing”…:

CUT 13(12)      “…disqualify a candidate.”

Perkins may now continue his campaign for another term.

A supervisor with the Department of Children and Family Services has resigned after the agency failed to prevent the overdose death of a 2-year-old despite getting three reports that the child nearly died twice before in a similar manner. DCFS got its first report of the child taking his mother’s drugs in April.


Yet another property insurer is ending coverage in Louisiana, meaning over ten-thousand customers will have to seek new coverage pretty quickly. Insurance Commissioner Jim Donelon says Florida-based Weston Property & Casualty is the latest to “fold up its tents”…:

CUT 06(12)      “…on September 7th

Donelon says those who have to go to the state-run insurer of last resort, Louisiana Citizens, will get an extra 60 days to do so.

New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell drops a hint that Mardi Gras MAY not happen next year, because of the shortage of cops. New Orleans Mardi Gras Guide publisher Arthur Hardy says he’s dumbfounded…:

CUT 09(08)      “…by her comments.”

Hardy says he understands the cop shortage but that’s not enough of a reason to call off the biggest tourism event of the year.