6:30 LRN Newscast August 18

Governor John Bel Edwards says he will push the state legislature next year to include an exception for rape and incest to the state’s law that bans most abortions. Edwards made the comments during his monthly radio show…
cut 13 (06) “…..next year”
Edwards, a pro-life Democrat, signed a trigger abortion ban bill earlier this year that led to the closure of the state’s three abortion clinics. He says some states have called special sessions to enact abortion bans, but they are including exceptions for rape and incest.

A project to deepen the Mississippi River from its mouth to the Huey P Long Bridge in New Orleans is now complete. The river is 50-feet deep in that area, instead of 45. Big River Coalition director Sean Duffy says the project will mean more high-capacity traffic will come up the river…:
cut 7 (12) “….open for 50 feet”
The project cost 250-million dollars and 81-million dollars is from the state.

A major environmental discovery in extreme eastern St. Bernard Parish has coastal and wildlife officials very excited. Marsanne Golsby has more.
Cut 1 (33) “…I’m Marsanne Golsby..”