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The Netflix documentary “I Just Killed My Dad,” the story of then 17-year-old Anthony Templet of Baton Rouge who murdered his father in 2019, remains in the top 10 most watched shows. East Baton Rouge Assistant District Attorney Dana Cummings prosecuted the case and appeared in the three-part series.
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As investigators and defense attorneys uncovered years of abuse it changed the case considerably and he eventually pled no contest to a negligent homicide charge.

SWEPCO is offering options for its customers who are having difficulty paying their power bills. Spokesperson Tara Muck says they are allowing customers to extend their payments.
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If you are current on your account Muck says you can make payment arrangements online or by phone through their automated menu.

You’ll be able to purchase a hearing aid for mild to moderate hearing loss without a prescription in October. Brooke Thorington spoke with an expert at LSU Health New Orleans….
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