LRN PM Newscall August 16

Voters will once again receive an “I voted” sticker when they go to the polls this fall. Marsanne Golsby was at the unveiling of this year’s sticker…

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The Governor’s Litter Abatement and Beautification Task Force has released recommendations on cleaning up the state. Jeff Palermo has the story…

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Another contagious disease that’s making a resurgence is polio. Polio was once one of the nation’s most feared diseases, that caused thousands of cases of paralysis, mostly in children. LSU Health New Orleans infectious disease specialist Dr. Fred Lopez says it’s been detected in New York City’s wastewater.

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While symptoms include fever and vomiting polio can be asymptomatic, and you can shed the virus and infect someone unknowingly. Lopez says with the disease making a comeback it’s imperative vaccines be kept up to date.

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The neurological disease has been detected in wastewater systems in New York and in London. Lopez says that means it’s spreading in some communities…

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The polio vaccination rate for children entering kindergarten in Louisiana last fall was 98 percent, that’s higher than the national average of 94 percent.


This morning Secretary of State Kyle Ardoin unveiled this year’s “I voted” sticker. Designed by New Orleans artist Becky Fos (pronounced like floss), it’s a brightly colored painting of the state capitol building done in oil. The theme of her artwork is “Happy Artist” and Fos hopes it will make voters happy when they see it.

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Fos did the work at no charge. Ardoin says it costs the state about 15 thousand dollars to print 2.2 million stickers for the upcoming fall election. He says no one has ever complained about the cost, but voters complain when they run out. He also believes they help increase voter turnout.

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Fos says she used vibrant colors to paint the state capitol…

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Previous “I voted” stickers have been extremely popular and you can still find them on eBay.


The Governor’s Litter Abatement and Beautification Task Force has released its initial recommendations on establishing and sustaining litter prevention efforts across Louisiana. The task force was established by executive order in January and Lt. Governor Billy Nungesser says the solutions range from educating the public to promoting community litter abatement activities…

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Nungesser says state funding is also going into the effort. He says the state legislature set aside four million dollars and Nungesser says much of that money will be handed out as grants…

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Nungesser says state agencies are also more committed than ever to cleaning up our state…

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Police in New Orleans report a carjacking suspect was struck and killed by traffic while trying to escape on foot across Interstate 10. NOPD Chief Shaun Ferguson says it started with officers giving chase to a Chevy Equinox SUV reported stolen two weeks ago. He says the vehicle suddenly stopped on the I-10 Service Road in Eastern New Orleans…:

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Ferguson says the male suspect made it across the westbound lanes of the highway, but when he went over the median…:

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The incident happened Monday night at about 10:20. He says no charges are planned against the driver who hit the suspect. As to the person’s name and age…?

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