12:30 LRN Newscast August 12

A judge has denied Washington Parish Sheriff Randy Seal’s attempt to collect almost $40-thousand in back taxes from a Mount Herman cattle rancher, who sells cuts of beef directly to customers at his farm. Agriculture Commissioner Mike Strain says the lawsuit against beef farmer Jason Smith was probably because of some confusion with state tax law, as to what can and cannot be taxed. Strain says he feels the language of the tax code is clear…:

CUT 07(05)      “…taxing authority.”

Strain says over 100 cattle ranchers sell beef directly from the farm and this ruling puts all of them at ease.

It was six years ago that parts of Louisiana experienced devastating flooding after more than two and a half feet of rain fell from August 11th to the 14th. The small city of Youngsville, in Lafayette Parish, flooded and Mayor Ken Ritter was in his first term…:

CUT 06(09)      “…and rebuild.”

The Baton Rouge area was perhaps hit hardest, with roughly 10-thousand homes and businesses taking on water and severe damage.


There’s a tropical wave just off the Louisiana coast so keep that umbrella handy. LRN Meteorologist John Wetherbee says some of the heaviest rains will be in New Orleans today, then up to Baton Rouge, and then westward towards Lake Charles. He says models suggest this will continue to be a rainmaker for Louisiana coastal areas and…:

CUT 11(06)      “…and Galveston.”

And if the models are correct, Wetherbee says the system will then move its way inland towards the middle Texas Gulf Coast in a couple of days.

Over 1700 new cases of COVID are reported today by the Department of Health. Just over 600 are currently in the hospital with symptoms. They also report 7 new COVID-related deaths.

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