LRN PM Newscall July 29

Northwestern State is thrilled about the signing of Hansel Enmanuel – the high school basketball star with one arm. Michelle Southern reports…

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A new law that goes into effect Monday makes the theft of a catalytic converter a crime. Jeff Palermo has the story…

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Northwestern State men’s basketball is excited about the addition of Hansel Enmanuel to its 2022 recruiting class. You may have seen him in a Gatorade commercial. The Florida prep star dominated the hard wood in high school with one arm. Demons Coach Corey Gipson says it doesn’t even dawn on him that Enmanuel has a disability

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Enmanuel is from the Dominican Republic and he had his left arm amputated at the age of 6 after a wall collapsed on it. Gipson says it’s clear that life challenges have made the three-star recruit even more determined…:

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Enmanuel is 6’4″ and in his senior season he averaged 26 points, 11 rebounds, 7 assists and 3 block a game. Gipson says the Enmanuel family showed the program the type of passion and love for the game that they look for at NSU. He says Enmanuel is a great player, with a great attitude

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A new law goes into effect Monday that makes stealing a catalytic converter a crime. River Ridge Senator Kirk Talbot says his legislation makes it easier to prosecute thieves who swipe a catalytic converter from a vehicle and the punishment is severe

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Talbot says some criminals steal dozens of catalytic converters and sell them in bulk.

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Talbot says SUVs and pick-up trucks are the biggest victims of this crime.

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The new law also requires catalytic converters have a registration number to track sales and transfers. If the value of the cataltyic converters stolen is greater than $25,000, jail time would be 10 to 20 years.


A lot of new state laws go into effect Monday, August 1st, and one of them will forbid police from using the smell of marijuana as probable cause to search one’s home. The bill was authored by New Iberia Representative Marcus Bryant, who says there are still warrantless searches and arrests being made, simply because an LEO smelled weed. He says the new law makes it clear for police…:

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Bryant’s House Bill 629 won final passage and was signed into law by the governor. He says his bill codified federal statute into state law. Bryant says it is needed, now that a growing number of citizens are using legal medical marijuana. He says those patients shouldn’t have to worry about what happens if a police officer shows up at their door…:

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Bryant says legalizing smokable marijuana as medicine makes this new law necessary to protect individuals’ rights. He feels there will be more bills filed in the future to de-criminalize using marijuana…:

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Again, the new law takes effect August 1st.


Deputies in St. Martin Parish arrest a woman for stabbing an officer during an arrest. SMPO Captain Ginny Higgins says some St. Martinville residents called them to report a suspicious woman, knocking on doors and asking to be given a gun. When a deputy stopped 26-year-old Ashley Burton to question her, she tried to flee on foot…:

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Higgins says, when Burton fled the vehicle and the deputy, she left something very important in the car…:

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Burton, who is from Las Vegas, is now charged with attempted murder of a police officer, resisting arrest, simple escape, possession of narcotics and more. Higgins says the deputy Burton stabbed has been treated and released from medical care…:

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The two children are under the care of the Department of Children and Family Services.