8:30 LRN Newscast July 22

This may come as no surprise, but Louisiana ranks top of the lost for the highest sales taxes in America; at a rate of 9.55 percent. That’s according to Tax Foundation’s state and average local sales tax rates for July 2022. Tax Foundation’s Janelle Fritts says it’s a distinction that most people do not find flattering…:

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In July of 2025, the state sales tax will drop from 4.45 percent to four percent.

Abortions remain legal in Louisiana due to a temporary injunction issued by state district judge Donald Johnson; acting on a lawsuit challenging the state’s trigger abortion ban laws. Loyola University Law Professor Dan Ciolino says Attorney General Jeff Landry, who’s defending the state’s abortion ban, most likely will file an appeal…:

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Ciolino says eventually the matter will go to the state Supreme Court.


If you are paying more than four-dollars a gallon for regular gasoline, you are paying more than the statewide average. Jeff Palermo has the story…:

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Rain and thunderstorms are moving through Louisiana at this hour, and are expected to continue – off and on – until about dinner time. The rain does give a cooling break from near-record heat, and we can expect more scattered rain through Sunday.