09:30 LRN Newscast July 8

The state reports its first detected case of monkeypox in a Louisiana resident; a man from the New Orleans area. LDH says a man visiting the state was also diagnosed with the viral disease. State Epidemiologist Teresa Sokol says, while anyone can contract monkeypox, at the moment some individuals are at higher risk than others…:

CUT 11(10)      “…anonymous sexual partners.”

Symptoms include a rash that looks like pimples or blisters, fever, headache, body aches, and exhaustion. Monkeypox is NOT fatal.

Some school districts are scrambling to fill a shortage of teachers before the fall semester. Mike Faulk is director of the Louisiana Association of School Superintendents. He says it’s not as simple as just hiring newly-degreed rookie teachers – fresh out of college…:

CUT 08(10)      “anybody coming through”

Faulk says estimates are that there are over 2000 too FEW teachers statewide.


A New Orleans judge will hear the merits of the temporary restraining order blocking the state’s abortion trigger law from going into effect, and decide to lift it or not. Brooke Thorington has more…:

CUT 01(32)      “…Brooke Thorington.”

State Police Superintendent Colonel Lamar Davis got pulled over on the I-10 Atchafalaya Basin Bridge recently for driving at least 90-miles-an-hour. Imagine being the trooper who just stopped your own boss. After recognizing Davis, the Trooper turned off his body cam & mic. Davis was let go with a warning.