11:30 LRN Newscast July 1

Governor Edwards has vetoed over 20 bills from the regular legislative session. Now, the question is “will lawmakers convene a veto override session?” House Speaker Clay Schexnayder says members of the legislature will vote on if they’ll shave a veto session and while there are member who are not anxious for another special session…:

Cut 8 (07)  “…some of them are…”

Lawmakers must have ballots returned on the 11th.

Cooking out for the 4th of July will cost 17-percent more than last year. Louisiana Farm Bureau spokesperson Avery Davidson says but on the bright side the cost of strawberries, sliced cheese and potato chips are down from last year, however…

Cut 5 (09) “…on average.”

Has the Power 5 been shrunken to the Super 2? David Grubb has the story on the major shakeup in college sports…

Cut 3 (35) “…I’m David Grubb” 

Essence Fest says their COVID vaccination policy remains in place. There’s been confusion and a tweet, sent in error, that said you can bring a negative COVID test in lieu of proof of vaccination. According to NOLA.com the proof of vaccination policy for attendance remains in place.