LRN PM Newscall June 30

If you’re still experiencing problems with recovery from Hurricane Ida, GOHSEP has launched a new program. Brooke Thorington has more.

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Mosquitoes are everywhere this summer, and according to the LDH, so is West Nile Virus. Who’s at risk and what can you do to protect yourself? David Grubb has the details…

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GOHSEP launches a program to help Hurricane Ida survivors who have exhausted all their avenues in recovery but still need assistance. Spokesperson Mike Steele says the Disaster Case Management Program connects case managers to those who have unmet needs.

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The is website then forward slash Ida-D-C-M-P.  The Disaster Case Management Program is funded by FEMA. Steele says there’s a reason it wasn’t set up sooner as to give insurance companies time to answer claims.

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Steele says the website also has a general questionnaire about one’s recovery status which helps the state and FEMA gauge recovery as we approach the year anniversary of Ida. Steele says for example someone’s home is now livable, but their appliances were destroyed.

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Twenty-five parishes were declared federal disaster areas following Hurricane Ida.


The Louisiana Department of Health has reported the state’s first positive case of West Nile Virus in a human this year. State epidemiologist Theresa Sokol says the risk for West Nile is higher than normal, with 175 mosquito pools indicating the presence of the virus, compared to 13 a year ago, so preventative measures are a must.

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LDH advises doing what you can around your home to keep it mosquito-proof by eliminating standing water, keeping your gutters clean, changing the water in birdbaths regularly, and keeping your swimming pool properly cleaned. And when you are outside…

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Sokol says those who are over the age of 60 and individuals with pre-existing medical conditions carry the highest amount of risk for developing the more severe infection, West Nile Encephalitis, which can result in hospitalization and the potential for death or severe brain damage.

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For more information on West Nile and tips on how to protect yourself and your home, visit L-D-H-dot-L-A-dot-gov.


Construction is underway on the second phase of elevating LA 1 in Lafourche Parish between the Leeville Bridge to Golden Meadow. Executive Director of the LA 1 coalition Henri Boulet says once the project is completed in 2027, vehicles who use this important corridor will travel 22-feet above sea level

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The price tag for the elevated stretch of highway is over 800-million dollars. Boulet says the project received a large amount of federal grant money as a result of 20 private industry partners providing over a million dollars in match money

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Boulet says there’s been a serious effort to elevate LA-1 for 25 years as storm surge from huricanes and tropical storms can sometimes close the highway for several days, costing the U-S millions of dollars in oil and gas production.

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The state department of transportation says over 13-hundred trucks and heavy vehicles travel the LA 1 southern corridor daily to support port activity and energy production, but it’s often closed for several days after tropical storms and hurricanes.


Baton Rouge Police say a worker at a fast food restaurant was shot over an argument about a food order. Sergeant L’ Jean McKneely says the gunman was upset his order was given to another customer and confronted the worker in the parking lot

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McKneely says the shooting victim’s injuries are not life threatening and no arrests have been made.

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McKneely says shooting occurred at Freddy’s Frozen Custard near I-12 off of Millerville Road…

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