5:30 LRN Newscast May 31

After passing in the House and a Senate committee, a so-called Constitutional Carry bill gets re-assigned to a second committee hearing. Kevin Gallagher reports on what that may mean…:

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Governor John Bel Edwards issued a statement  saying, “In light of recent gun violence in Buffalo and Uvalde, gun safety discussions and action involving expanded background check and red flag laws are very much in order.”

A bill that would result in civil penalties against state and local governments and educational institutions that required proof of vaccination against COVID-19 for entry into government facilities is closer to final legislative passage. Stonewall Representative Larry Bagley’s convinced the Senate Judiciary C Committee to pass his bill…

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New Orleans Senator Gary Carter voted no on the legislation, he expressed concerns about local governments facing a civil fine for trying to stop the spread of the disease…

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Bagley’s bill, which passed in the House last month on a 59-26 vote, heads to the Senate floor for more discussion.