2:30 LRN Newscast May 31

Meteorologists and climatologists at LSU predict another busy storm season. David Grubb has the story…:

CUT 02(36)      “…David Grubb.”

A Pacific hurricane, named Agatha, made landfall this past weekend in southern Mexico and there IS a chance it could reform IF it reaches the southern Gulf. Forecasters say it’ll head east toward Florida and not here.


Police in New Orleans say a shooting broke out this morning on the Xavier University campus, which was hosting the Morris Jefferson High school graduation. Officers say and elderly woman was shot and killed and two men were wounded. Cops have at least one person in custody, but few other details are available at this time.

A bill that would result in civil penalties against state and local governments and educational institutions that required proof of a COVID-19 shot or shots for entry into government facilities is closer to final legislative passage. Stonewall Representative Larry Bagley’s bill has passed the House and has now made it out of a Senate Committee. Christy Haik, a concerned citizen & mom, spoke in support of the bill during committee testimony today…:

CUT 13(07)      “…an overreach.”

The bill goes next to the Senate floor. The legislative session ends Monday evening.