1:30 LRN Newscast May 19

The Senate approved the $39-billion state budget on Wednesday and the House will vote on it this afternoon. Within that bill, a significant down payment of $300-million on a proposed Mississippi River Bridge in Baton Rouge. Governor John Bel Edwards says it’s the most significant infrastructure project that impacts traffic across the state…:

CUT 04(12)      “…two billion.”

Edwards also says bridge sites should be narrowed down to three in the new few weeks.

As Louisianans continue to cope with rising prices and inflation at over 8-percent, State agriculture Commissioner Mike Strain says the prices we pay at the grocery store now are reflective of market conditions and wholesale prices from months ago…:

CUT 09(09)      “…next year’s crop.”

Strain advises planning out meals more carefully, and making every effort to eat your leftovers, to get the most bang for your grocery bucks.


Research published by the Pennington Biomedical Research Center in Baton Rouge reports that reducing protein in the diet produces a number of positive outcomes, including increasing lifespan. Dr. Christopher Morrison says while this basic fact has been known for some time, by experimenting with the diets of mice scientists are learning more about this connection…:

CUT 06(12)      “…metabolic improvement.”

The Department of Health reports over 1300 new cases of COVID, with 115 under hospital care. Two new COVID-related deaths are also reported. They remind you to stay up-to-date on boosters.

Sad news from Chimp Haven, the large primate sanctuary in Caddo Parish. One of the oldest residents there, Ladybird, a 62-year-old chimp, has passed away. She was born in the wild, but brought to Chimp Haven back in 2011. In a social media post, staff say Chimp Haven won’t be the same without her.