LRN PM Newscall April 29

Former American Idol winner and Louisiana native Laine Hardy was arrested Friday after LSU Police received a complaint, he allegedly put a listening device in a student’s room. Brooke Thorington has more.

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A special House committee investigating the death of Ronald Greene hears from a high-ranking State Police Trooper who admits there was a cover-up. Jeff Palermo has the story…

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Former East Carroll Parish Sheriff, 84-year-old Dale Rinicker was arrested Thursday in West Monroe after he was asked to leave a convenience store for allegedly making lewd comments to female employees. Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Office spokesperson Glen Springfield says after multiple requests to leave the store deputies arrested Rinicker for trespassing.

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Even though Rinicker threatened officers during the arrest Springfield says he was taken to the Ouachita Correctional Center and charged with Criminal Trespass and two counts of Resisting an Officer.

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In 1997 Rinicker pleaded guilty to taking kickbacks from a manager of a private prison in Providence.


The Saints officially entered a new era Thursday, conducting its first draft without Sean Payton and first with new head coach Dennis Allen. New Orleans traded picks 16, 98, and 120 to Washington to move up and grab wide receiver Chris Olave, and took offensive tackle Trevor Penning at 19. Allen says both players fit the mold of what the Saints are looking for.

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The Saints say they are not in a rebuild and the expectation is to contend for the playoffs in 2022. Allen says having a strong foundation already in place helps in the decision-making process as they look to build on it.

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The Pelicans saw their season come to an end  Thursday with a loss to the Phoenix Suns in game six of the opening round of the Western Conference playoffs. After the game, head coach Willie Green shed tears on the court as he congratulated the Suns and consoled his players. He says his emotions were swirling

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It was a miraculous season in many ways for the Pelicans, who went from one of the worst teams in the NBA to become a media darling as they battled the Suns. Coach Green says the experience his young team gained this season is something they have to apply as they prepare for next year.

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Multiple bills concerning abortion rights have been discussed during this legislative session, and it remains a polarizing topic in the state. However, Dr. Michael Henderson of the LSU Public Policy Research Lab says there’s been slow but steady growth in support for legal access.

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In the latest release of data from the 2022 Louisiana Survey, 46 percent of Louisianans say abortion should be legal in all or most cases, with 49 percent taking the opposing stance. In 2016, only 40-percent said abortion should be legal, while 55-percent said it should be illegal. Henderson says when compared to the rest of the nation, Louisiana stands out with those figures.

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Like so many issues, opinions seem to fall along political party lines. Henderson says that while Republicans have remained fairly consistent in their attitudes, Democrats who support legal access rose from 51 to 74 percent since 2016.

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A high-ranking State Police trooper confirms L-S-P was involved in a cover-up to hide the facts surrounding the roadside death of Ronald Greene in 2019. Lt. Colonel Kenny Van Buren gave the admission during lengthy questioning by state lawmakers

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Greene’s family was originally told he died as a result of a car crash following a high-speed chase, but body camera video of his arrest shows he was severely beaten by troopers.

Retired Captain Mark Richards told the legislative committee looking into Greene’s death he was ordered to block the crash report from being distributed, which he says is not normal protocol.

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Richards believes the alleged coverup goes all the way to the top.

Baton Rouge Representative Edmond Jordan says State Police should do more to uncover the truth…

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The special House committee investigating the circumstances surrounding Greene’s death is expected to have more meetings.