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An elderly Slidell man was hospitalized after being attacked by a squirrel. David Grubb has more.

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The World Meteorological Organization has retired Ida from the rotating lists of Atlantic Hurricane names. Jeff Palermo has the story…

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A Baton Rouge man who was found not guilty by reason of insanity after driving his speeding truck into the back of a 51-year-old woman’s car, killing her as a result has been released from a state mental facility. 21-year-old Jack Jordan’s attorney James Manasseh says his client has met all the conditions set forth by the hospital.

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Jordan was 19 years old when he drove his vehicle 90 miles per hour into the back of 51-year-old Stephanie Payne’s SUV in 2019. Jordan told authorities God told him to commit suicide but killed Payne in his attempt. Manasseh says when one pleads guilty by reason of insanity, they still have to meet conditions set forth by the Judge.

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Manasseh says even though Jordan has been released, he still remains under supervision, and his medication is also monitored. Manasseh says Jordan has weekly meetings with psychiatrists, and probation officers and is no longer allowed to drive.

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Manasseh says Jordan will essentially be on probation for the remainder of his life.


When a dog bites a man, that’s not news, but how about when a squirrel bites a man? Authorities say a 78-year-old Slidell man sustained significant injuries in a squirrel attack. It all started Wednesday morning, says Slidell Police Department spokesman Daniel Seuzeneau (Soos-ih-no), with a call to 9-1-1.

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Seuzeneau says emergency responders quickly made their way to the scene as the man attempted to fend off the squirrel. When they arrived the victim was attempting to choke the squirrel but he wasn’t able to get a grip on the animal.

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The gentleman was transported to a nearby hospital to be treated for significant injuries, though he is expected to make a full recovery. ER doctors have requested to examine the squirrel to test for any possible diseases. The cause of the attack is unknown, and in general, they aren’t common.

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This is the second reported squirrel attack in Slidell this year. The first happened in February during a Mardi Gras parade where three people were injured.


The House Education Committee approves a bill that bans corporal punishment in public schools. Metairie Representative Stephanie Hilferty says children should not be physically punished by the principal or teacher…

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No one on the House Education Committee objected to the bill. It has the support of retired educator and Baton Rouge Representative Barbara Freiberg….

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Executive Director of the Louisiana Association of School Superintendents, Michael Faulk, says he knows of 19 school districts in Louisiana that have a school board policy allowing corporal punishment…

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This same bill failed to pass in the House last year as it failed on a floor vote of 48 to 49.


The House Criminal Justice Committee approves legislation that would require convicted drunk drivers who had a blood alcohol content of .15 to have an interlock device system installed on their vehicle for two years. The bill’s author is Covington Representative Mark Wright…

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The interlock prevents individuals from starting a vehicle if they have been drinking. Wright is admitted recovering alcoholic and knows individuals with a drinking problem are chronic drunk drivers…

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Lafourche Parish Sheriff Craig Webre owns a company that sells interlock devices and there are concerns his business could profit from the passage of this legislation. The Ethics Board has ruled that Webre can not sell his interlock devices in LaFourche and Thibodaux Representative Bryan Fontenot says if lawmakers have questions they can bring Sheriff Webre to the capitol in the future

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