12:30 LRN Newscast April 27

A Baton Rouge man found not guilty by reason of insanity after telling authorities God told him to kill himself when in 2019, he rammed his truck into a 51-year-old woman’s car, killing her, is no longer in a state mental facility. 21-year-old Jack Jordan’s attorney James Manasseh says when one pleads guilty by reason of insanity, they still have to meet conditions set forth by the Judge.

Cut 4  (12) “…anticipated.”

A Slidell man sustained significant injuries in a squirrel attack this morning. Slidell Police Department spokesman Daniel Seuzeneau (Soos-ih-no).

Cut 6  (12) “…the man’s hand.” 

This is the second reported squirrel attack in Slidell this year, the other happened at Mardi Gras parade in February.

Starting next month, Entergy will give its customers the option to purchase power that comes from a renewable energy source like solar power. Entergy’s director of regulatory affairs Elizabeth Ingram says it’s part of their goal to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050…

Cut 12 (11) “…to bring customers.” 

If customers decide to receive their electricity from a renewable energy source, a small fee is attached.

Gaming Control Board Chairman Ronnie Johns says gamblers have wagered 628-million dollars in the five months since sports betting started in Louisiana and that’s resulted in seven million dollars in tax revenue for the state….

Cut 15 (06)  “…pleased with.”