17:30 Newscast, May 29th, 2015

The US Army agrees to pay for the disposal of the 15-million pounds of M6 propellant improperly stored at Camp Minden in Webster Parish. Eric Gill has more…:
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In response to complaints about Governor Bobby Jindal using his office to send an email calling Senator Rand Paul unsuited to be Commander in Chief, the state Inspector General advised the Governor to use a different method in the future. In the statement Stephen Street said Jindal could have avoided the complaints by using another means to send the message.

Due to flooding concerns in northwest Louisiana, Governor Bobby Jindal has called a meeting of emergency responders to help prepare. Meteorologists believe flooding will occur because the Red River is expected to crest in Shreveport on June 6th due to large amounts of rain. Jindal issued an emergency declaration and ordered 25,000 sand bags to help protect Bossier Parish from high water.

Former Saints safety Darren Sharper pleads guilty to drug and rape charges Friday in New Orleans federal court. The 39-year-old Sharper pleaded guilty to three counts of conspiracy to distribute drugs with the intent to commit rape. Legal analyst Chick Foret says Sharper’s “global” plea deal with prosecutors in four states looks to be unfolding in his favor…:
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The deal is tied to a 9 year sentence. Sharper is scheduled for sentencing on August 20th.