5:30 LRN Newscast April 14

The Senate Transportation Committee approves a bill that would double the fine for a speeding ticket on the Atchafalaya Basin Bridge, which means the penalty would be 350-dollars. Senate President Page Cortez says driver behavior needs to change wrecks, injuries, and deaths on the bridge have more than doubled during the past decade…

Cut 11 (06)  “…correct lane.”  

Under the proposed law, drivers would receive a couple of warnings before they are issued a speeding ticket.

Port Allen Senator Rick Ward has released a 30-second campaign commercial. He’s asking folks to call their local legislator and demand they approve a proposal to put 500-million dollars towards a new Mississippi River Bridge in Baton Rouge…
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But some lawmakers would like to use that 500-million dollar elsewhere.

A bill to require healthcare providers to offer postnatal care and to screen patients for signs of postpartum depression passes unanimously in the Louisiana House. New Orleans Representative Royce Duplessis’ says House Bill 784 was written with input from a task force studying maternal mental health.

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Stonewall Representative Larry Bagley shared with lawmakers how postpartum depression impacted his wife and that it eventually led to her suicide. He says postpartum depression impacts women from all walks of life.

Cut 8 (08) “…existence is.” 

The bill now advances to Senate Health and Welfare