1:30 LRN Newscast April 14

In Lafayette, a 13-year-old female is fighting for her life after being shot last night and authorities say the suspect, 18-year-old Trevon Bonner was killed after an exchange of gunfire with police. Lafayette Police Sgt. Robin Green says Bonner barricaded himself inside his residence. Green says a neighbor of a female victim heard the original gunshots.

Cut 3 (06) “…called 911.”
She is listed in critical condition and State Police are investigating the officer-involved shooting of the suspect Bonner.

A bill to require healthcare providers to offer postnatal care and to screen patients for signs of postpartum depression passes unanimously in the Louisiana House. Robin Gruenfeld with the New Orleans March of Dimes says House Bill 784 is about preventing infant and maternal mortality, and that postpartum depression is more common than you think.

Cut 7 (05) “…in five (x2).” 

It now heads to Senate Health and Welfare.

Two bills to ensure the safety of nursing home patients during natural disasters pass unanimously in Senate Health and Welfare. Senate Bill 33 requires all long-term care facilities to have adequate generator power. Mark Berger, Executive Director of the Louisiana Nursing Home Association says while most facilities have generators large enough to support their heating and cooling systems…

Cut 10 (07) “…their peers.”

Senate Bill 167 tasks the State Fire Marshal’s Office with the inspection of nursing home evacuation plans.

Monroe Senator Stewart Cathey, Jr. wants to make the Gulf Fritillary (frit-ah-lar-ee) the official state butterfly.

Cut 16 (11)  “…first for me.”
Slidell Senator Sharon Hewitt along with other members of Senate Governmental Affairs approved the bill and it flutters to the Senate floor.