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A pre-pandemic report indicates 57 percent of Louisiana’s children live in households below the ALICE threshold. Brooke Thorington explains.

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The clock is ticking as the deadline to file your federal taxes gets closer. David Grubb has more on what you can do if you’re feeling the pressure.

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A report, conducted before the pandemic, indicates that 57-percent of Louisiana’s children live in households below the ALICE threshold. ALICE stands for Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed. Edy (Edie) Addison with the Capital Area United Way says the study took a deep dive into who these children are.

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Addison says the report is concerning because ALICE households often earn too much to qualify for public assistance like food stamps or SNAP and that having two working parents doesn’t guarantee financial stability.

In an effort to help, Addison says the Capital Area United Way is issuing grants to organizations that can assist the ALICE population with accessing existing resources.

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For many of these families, Addison says the means to apply for benefits is hindered. She says one way you can help is if you have a computer and internet access is to allow someone to use it to apply for services.

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Research indicates that 42 percent of Louisiana families below the ALICE threshold in Fall of 2021 often didn’t have enough for their children to eat.


Inflation has already hit consumers hard at the grocery store, as they try to stretch their food dollars further and further. They’ll have to stretch a bit more as the price of eggs, a staple for Easter, is also on the rise. Louisiana Ag Commissioner Mike Strain…

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According to the US Department of Agriculture, the major reason for the price spike is an outbreak of avian flu that has affected 24 states and more than 46 million birds. Strain says measures and guidelines are in place to help stem the tide.

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Strain hopes that by acting quickly, a much bigger outbreak can be avoided.

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USDA figures indicate the average cost of a dozen eggs is up to $2.88, and the price of poultry has risen as well. The Centers for Disease Control reports that bird flu does not infect people.


We’re less than a week away from the deadline to file your federal taxes. If you haven’t gotten started, Catherine Rowe of the Louisiana Society for CPA’s says you’re not alone and there’s something you should consider…

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Rowe reminds filers that an extension doesn’t mean you don’t have to pay…so make sure you know if you owe Uncle Sam before you ask for additional time.

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Rowe says that most filers dealing with only W-2s don’t need much tax advice, but with payments and credits that you may have received over the past year, it’s important to find out what you don’t know.

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The last day to file your taxes is April 18. If you filed an extension, you have until October 15. However, if you owe taxes, they must be paid by the April deadline.


A Lafayette Police officer is said to be fighting for his life after he was involved in a two-vehicle crash on the Basin Bridge in Iberville Parish yesterday morning. State Police spokesperson Taylor Scrantz says Lt. Todd Alcorn was off-duty and driving a personal vehicle when he struck a bridge rail and lost control…

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Scrantz says Alcorn is in critical condition at a Baton Rouge hospital and the driver in the other vehicle sustained moderate issues. He says they believe Alcorn was impaired at the time of the wreck…

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Governor John Bel Edwards was in Rapides Parish today for Cleco’s announcement that the energy provider will invest 900-million dollars to significantly reduce carbon emissions. Edwards says the innovative technology plan will take place at their electric generation unit in Lena…

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According to the governor’s office, Cleco secured a nine-million dollar Congressional appropriation to help defray the front-end costs. Cleco also plans to use federal government tax credits and there will be private equity investment. Edwards says Cleco will not ask ratepayers to help fund this project

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