LRN PM Newscall August 13

Louisiana will hold another tax amnesty period this fall. Jeff Palermo has the details

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Lafayette Police arrest a 27-year-old mother in connection with the death of her three-year-old child. Jeff Palermo has the story..

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The US Coast Guard says they are investigating a multi-vessel collision that happened on the Mississippi River near Gretna last night which caused some oil to be spilled into the water. Spokesman Jonathan Lally says a ship carrying grains lost power and control and crashed into another vessel and barge that was fueling up…:

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Lally says fuel was being transferred from the barge when it broke free causing some oil to be discharged into the water from the transfer hose…:

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Lally says no injuries were reported in the incident. He says about 588 gallons of marine grade fuel was spilled into the river and the Gretna water intake was shut off as a safety precation…:

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New research provided to the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries shows Louisiana Black Bear populations are making great strides toward recovery. Large Carnivore Program Manager, Maria Davidson, says they don’t have an official count on how many black bears are in the state, but they’ve learned there are at least 250 female bears, which is a good number…

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The hope is to have the Louisiana Black Bear removed from the endangered species list. The US Fish and Wildlife Service will make that determination. Davidson says the future of the black bear is looking good…

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LDWF has worked many years to rebuild the population of the Louisiana Black Bear. In the 1950s, there were only 100 black bears in the state. Davidson says it appears that female black bears are beginning to breed on a more regular basis…

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The Louisiana Department of Revenue says the state will hold another tax amnesty period from October 15th to November 14th.  Revenue Secretary Tim Barfield says new to this amnesty program is the option that delinquent taxpayers can pay their debt owed to the state through payments

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Barfield says the state held an amnesty program last year and Louisiana collected 452-million dollars in back taxes, but the goal this year is only 100-million

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During the tax amnesty period all penalties will be waived and the taxpayer only owes 50-percent of the interest that’s due. Barfield says a payment plan is new to the amnesty program and that will allow a noncompliant taxpayer to pay their overdue taxes over a six month period…

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A Lafayette mother is facing negligent homicide charges in the death of her three-year-old child. Lafayette Police corporal Paul Mouton says 27-year-old Sara Leblanc told investigators the child was sick for a couple of days, and their investigation revealed the child went 25 hours without food or fluids during her illness

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Mouton says on the day the child died, the little girl went to sleep at around six A-M. Leblanc allegedly did not check on her until seven that night and also left the home during that time to get some fast food

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An autopsy report has determined the cause of death can be attributed to hypothermia and dehydration. Leblanc was charged with negligent homicide. Mouton says the investigation remains ongoing

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