5:30 LRN Newscast Legislative Report March 31

The NAACP has filed a lawsuit after the legislature voted Wednesday to override Governor Edwards’ vetoes of Congressional district maps. Edwards says he is disappointed and the GOP majorities in both chambers chose to ignore simple math…:

Cut 4 (12)  “…minority districts.”

The House passed their override by a 72-31 vote; the Senate’s passed 27-11. Slidell Republican Senator Sharon Hewitt says a second district wasn’t as simple as applying the simple math. She says federal law dictates that Black population needed to be contiguous and compact…:

Cut 6 (13)  “…as a minority district.”

A federal judge in Baton Rouge rules the state’s 2019 truth in labeling law as unconstitutional. The legislature passed the law in an effort to prevent food companies from labeling a veggie burger as a “tofu burger,” because it doesn’t contain meat or “cauliflower rice,” when it’s broccoli, not rice. Ag Commissioner Mike Strain disagrees with the ruling

 Cut 6  (07) “..labels are accurate” 

But Vice President of Policy at the Good Foods Institute Jessica Almy says consumers are not confusing veggie burgers for beef burgers…

Cut 7 (06) “…these products.” 

Almy says the law was passed in an attempt to control what consumers buy and Strain says the state plans to appeal the ruling.