3:30 LRN Newscast March 30

The Louisiana House and Senate have each voted to override Governor John Bel Edwards’ vetoes of congressional district maps passed last month in a special session. Edwards objected to the maps failure to create a second majority Black congressional voting district. The Senate’s override passed by a 27-to-11 vote. Monroe Democrat Senator Katrina Jackson says, because a third of Louisiana’s voters are Black, a third of the six districts should reflect that…:

CUT 14(09)      “…one member in Congress.”

But Slidell Republican Senator Sharon Hewitt says it’s not quite that simple…:

CUT 15(14)      “…in the population.”

The maps will eventually wind up in federal court.


As a line of strong thunderstorms moves across Louisiana, please keep an ear or eye to weather information sources for updates on possible damaging winds, hail, heavy showers and even tornados. We have an unconfirmed report of a twister touching down in Richland Parish this afternoon. More are possible, so try to be prepared if you can.

The State Fire Marshal’s Office issues an open burn safety warning after four individuals were killed in separate burns that got out of control. Brooke Thorington explains..:

CUT 02(33)      “…Brooke Thorington.”