1:30 LRN Newscast March 29

The Louisiana House approves a bill that gives an adoptee access to their birth certificate once they reach the age of 24. The bill faces opposition from anti-abortion groups and the bill’s author, Rosepine Representative Charles Owen, was questioned if other states who have similar access have seen an increase in their abortion rate. He says he’s seen just the opposite in states similar to Louisiana.

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Owens says in Alabama they’ve had a similar law for 22 years.

There’s another threat of severe weather tomorrow from a cold front that will sweep across Louisiana. State Climatologist Barry Keim says everyone should be weather aware tomorrow.

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The Storm Prediction Center puts Monroe, Alexandria, the Delta Parishes, Baton Rouge, and Hammond under a four out of five risk for severe weather. That means there’s the potential for tornadoes and damaging straight-line winds.

The House has postponed a vote on a bill proposed by Breaux Bridge Republican Representative Mike Huval that would create a new set of fines for holding a phone while driving, even if the driver is not texting. Huval faced some strong questions from Amite representative Robby Carter, who opposes the bill.

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Huval proposed a similar bill last year. The House passed it, but the Senate rejected it, concerned that it could hurt minorities. Huval has decided to edit the bill and present it to the House again later.

The U-S Food and Drug Administration has authorized another COVID-19 booster for those 50 and older, in order to offer extra protection for those most vulnerable to the virus, should there be another surge. The fourth dose would be open to those at least four months after their previous booster. The CDC is monitoring an omicron variant that has already created a jump in infections in Europe and is starting to show up here at home. Roughly two-thirds of Americans are fully vaccinated, but just half of those eligible for a booster have gotten one.