8:30 LRN Newscast March 29

How do Louisiana voters feel about a few of our statewide elected officials? A new poll says “not that great.” David Grubb has more.
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State lawmakers will suspend the ongoing regular session to hold a veto session tomorrow. So starting tomorrow at noon, the Republican-led Legislature will attempt to muster the two-thirds vote needed to override the governor’s veto of the Congressional district map.

A bill awaiting debate on the House floor could lead to jail time for minors convicted of marijuana possession. Louisiana Progress opposes the bill because the proposed law would lead to harsher punishments for juveniles than adults when it comes to marijuana possession, but Hammond Representative Nicholas Muscarello says…
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And the state is in really good shape when it comes to COVID as there are now fewer than 100 people hospitalized as a result of the virus. But LSU Infectious Disease Expert Doctor Catherine O’ Neal says we will see another COVID surge…
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O’ Neal says the state needs to get more people vaccinated. Nearly 53-percent of the population is vaccinated.