13:30 Newscast, May 26th, 2015

A bill that would ban sex selection abortions in Louisiana stalls in a Senate Judiciary Committee. The proposal by Representative Lenar Whitney would penalize doctors who knowingly end a pregnancy because of sex preference of the baby. The Houma lawmaker has argued that this is a problem in Asian communities where there is a preference for boys…:
CUT 12 (10) “you should vote no”
New Orleans Senator Karen Carter Peterson says she did not like the way Whitney worded that statement. The vote was 2-2 so the House approved measure will not go to the Senate floor for now.

New Orleans Senator JP Morrell’s bill to reduce prison time for repeat pot offenders was approved by the full Senate Monday. He says the legislation is not an attempt to legalize marijuana for recreational use…:
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There is a similar bill moving through the House.

There are still thousands residents without power throughout the state after a strong line of storms moved through last night. The majority of the outages are in southeast Louisiana which caught the brunt of the heavy rain, wind and lightning. Forecasters say the atmosphere is not stable and unfortunately more severe weather could be coming this week.

Shrimp season opened just over a week ago and local shrimpers are seeing prices at the dock take a nose dive. Eric Gill as moreā€¦:
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