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Louisiana is one of 12 states getting a boost from the feds in closing the digital divide. David Grubb has the story.

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Could U.S. Senator Bill Cassidy win if he ran for Governor? One political analyst says “yes he could.” Kevin Gallagher reports…:

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Is it time for Louisiana to eliminate the death penalty? David Grubb has more on the lawmaker ready to answer that question.

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The Humane Society of Louisiana is seeking new adoptive homes for the last dozen remaining “Mardi Gras Horses” this year. What ARE “Mardi Gras Horses”? HSLA Director Jeff Dorson says each year, horses are purchased to fill the need for parade horses for the biggest two weeks of Carnival. After the holiday ends, there are always horses left with no purpose and no regular home…:

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Dorson says sometimes the horses are re-sold to the barn they came from, but often they are sold for slaughter. He says that was just not acceptable…:

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The 5-year-old Mardi Gras Horse Adoption Program places the animals with new homes, where they can live out their lives. Dorson says in those years they found homes for every single horse, but it takes a lot of work from dedicated volunteers…:

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Dorson says they need homes for the last 12 of this year’s Mardi Gras Horses. To find out more, see photos of the horses or apply to adopt one, search “Humane Society of Louisiana Mardi Gras Horse Adoption” on Facebook.


Louisiana is getting a major financial investment as part of the Biden Administration’s effort to narrow the digital divide. The U-S Department of Commerce has announced the state will receive more than $29 million to build and improve high-speed internet access for rural communities. Deputy Commerce Secretary Don Graves says there’s more to come.

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The pandemic has really shown just how many families struggle with internet accessibility with many having to make difficult choices regarding work and school. Graves said the President has made solving this issue a priority, calling it an injustice.

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The initial investment targets rural communities throughout Acadiana, including Acadia, Evangeline, and St. Landry Parishes here in Louisiana, and in 12 other states and territories, as part of the $65 billion Bipartisan Infrastructure Law. Graves says ensuring access will create equity in schools and workplaces, and keep America at the forefront of innovation.

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A noted political analyst and former state lawmaker says Senator Bill Cassidy would be a most formidable candidate for Governor, IF he should decide to run. Ron Faucheux (FO-shay) says – should Cassidy decide to run – the field he is running against is not particularly well known, and they don’t have a particularly strong base…:

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For his part, Senator Cassidy has NOT declared any intention to run for Governor in 2023. In a recent interview with the Advocate newspaper in Baton Rouge, Cassidy says he’s aware his name is coming up, but (quote) “I am quite engage right now being a United States senator representing our state.” Faucheux says Cassidy has statewide recognition that other candidates who intend to run don’t have…:

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Probable candidates for Governor include Attorney General Jeff Landry, Lt. Governor Billy Nungesser, state Treasurer John Schroder and state Senator Rick Ward. Faucheaux says each of them would have to give up their current position in order to run…:

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Faucheux says Cassidy could handily win a runoff with a Democrat candidate. Again, Cassidy has announced no intention to run for Governor.


New Orleans Representative Kyle Green has filled a bill that would eliminate the death penalty for the offenses of first-degree murder, rape, and treason. An attorney himself, Green says his reasoning starts at one place.

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Research has shown a startling number of errors when it comes to applying the death penalty. Since 1973, at least 185 cases of wrongful conviction and sentencing have been discovered across the U-S.

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The last execution in Louisiana was in 2010 when Gerald Bordelon dropped all appeals in order to receive a lethal injection. Bordelon kidnapped and killed his 12-year-old step-daughter. He is the only person to be executed in Louisiana since 2002. Green shelved similar legislation due to the pandemic in 2020 and says the issue deserves thoughtful consideration by lawmakers.

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Louisiana is one of 24 states that still utilize capital punishment.


After two stints as a head football coach, Frank Wilson is back with the LSU football program as associate head coach and running backs coach. Wilson was the head coach at McNeese last season and when the Cowboys played in Tiger Stadium in September, he thought about the possibility of returning to LSU

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After spending nine seasons at Louisiana Tech, Joe Sloan is the new LSU quarterbacks coach. Sloan says he has spent his few weeks in Baton Rouge getting to know his Q-Bs…

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LSU men’s basketball started the second half on Saturday night on 15-0 run and went on to beat Missouri 75-55 at the PMAC. The Tigers were led by Tari Eason who had 18 points in 19 minutes and they held Mizzou to 35-percent shooting from the floor. Coach Will Wade

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It was win number 20 on the season for Wade and the Tigers…

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The Tigers are 8-8 in the SEC and in a four-way tie for the sixth seed in the SEC Tournament. LSU closes out the regular season with a trip to 18th ranked Arkansas on Wednesday and then a home game on Saturday versus 24th ranked Alabama. Wade is hoping his team can get hot again as the calendar flips to March…

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