11:30 LRN Newscast February 25

Louisiana U.S. Senator John Kennedy says it’s time to expel Russian President Vladimir Putin from the international community for attacking Ukraine. Kennedy says it’s time to stand up to Putin’s aggression…:

CUT 06(06)      “…that’s Hitler.”

Kennedy is calling for a stop to all exports to Russia and the U.S. should not only sanction Russian banks and government officials, but also rich business leaders who keep Putin in power.

Governor John Bel Edwards says he’s excited Mardi Gras parades and celebrations are back in full force this year, but he doesn’t want the Carnival season to contribute to the state’s litter problem. Edwards is asking revelers to NOT leave their trash along the route…:

CUT 04(09)      “…clean and tidy.”


A Monroe state Representative files legislation that, if passed, would require pharmacists to fill so-called off-label medications. Republican lawmaker Mike Echols says off-label drugs are any that are prescribed for a patient that have not been approved by peer groups or the FDA. He says, during the pandemic, a number of doctors reported good results with treating COVID patients with Ivermectin, but official focus was placed on using the vaccines – not any therapeutic drugs – so pharmacists refused to fill them. Echols says it’s not for the FDA, the AMA or the CDC to decide what legal meds your doctor and pharmacist can provide you, and his bill would put that into state statutes…:

CUT 28(09)      “…those relationships.”

Police in New Orleans say a teen shot Thursday night on the Krewe of Muses parade route was trying to break up a fight. NOPD says witnesses report the boy was shot several times and is now in serious condition. An investigation is underway.