LRN AM Newscall February 25

A Monroe area lawmaker’s proposed bill would mandate your pharmacy to fill what your doctor prescribes; no matter what the FDA or CDC says. Kevin Gallagher has more…:

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In a controversial move, Grambling State has announced the hiring of former Baylor coach Art Briles as its new offensive coordinator. David Grubb has more.

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Mardi Gras is all about fun, but the Louisiana Highway Safety Commission wants you to do so responsibly. Brooke Thorington has more

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Vice President Kamala Harris has canceled her trip to the Bayou State today in the wake Russia’s attack on Ukraine. She was  scheduled to visit the small town of Sunset in St. Landry Parish to discuss the federal government’s investment into improving rural high-speed internet. . UL-Lafayette Political Science professor Dr. Pearson Cross says Harris’ was set to visit an area that’s in great need of  infrastructure assistance.

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Cross says Harris’s was planning to visit a state where only two members of the state’s seven-member Congressional delegation voted for the trillion dollar infrastructure bill.

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Cross says he’s not sure why Harris chose Sunset, Louisiana to begin with….

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Harris recently announced more than 10 million households are registered in the FCC’s Affordable Connectivity Program which provides a $30 monthly discount for eligible households. For more information visit


A Monroe state Representative files legislation that, if passed, would require pharmacists to fill so-called off-label medications. Republican lawmaker Mike Echols says off-label drugs are any that are prescribed for a patient that have not been approved by peer groups or the FDA. He says, during the pandemic, some patients could not get prescriptions for some drugs (Ivermectin in particular) because the Food & Drug Administration or other groups discouraged filling them…:

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A number of doctors reported good results with treating COVID patients with Ivermectin, but official focus was placed on using the vaccines – not any therapeutic drugs – so pharmacists refused to fill them. Echols says it’s not for the FDA, the AMA or the CDC to decide what legal meds your doctor and pharmacist can provide you, and his bill would put that into state statutes…:

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Echols feels that no one should be able to get in the way of the relationship between a doctor and patient…:

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Echols’ bill is one of hundreds to be debated during the Regular Legislative Session, which starts March 14th. A similar bill will also be introduced in the Senate. Echols says he is open to merging the two into one.


In a controversial move, Grambling State has announced the hiring of former Baylor coach Art Briles as its new offensive coordinator. Briles coached Baylor for nine seasons before being fired for his involvement in repeated cover-ups of allegations of sexual and physical assaults against his players. HBCU sports analyst Reggie Flood says this seems like a desperate move for both parties.

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According to the Monroe News-Star, Wednesday Grambling denied that Briles would be hired before the news was leaked by local station KTAL. But rumors of Briles coming to Grambling had been circulating for some time. Flood says the university has already started to insulate new coach Hue Jackson from the oncoming wave of criticism.

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The stakes have been raised in HBCU football over the past couple of years, as more high-profile coaches and talent make their way to campuses. Flood believes that this hire is a byproduct of the pressure on Grambling to get back among the elite and the Tigers seem to be willing to endure the scrutiny, if it produces results.

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Not only will revelers be out and about for Mardi Gras, but the Louisiana Highway Safety Commission is helping fund local law enforcement with Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over to keep impaired drivers off the road. LHSC spokesperson Mark Lambert says officers are trained to spot drivers who are impaired behind the wheel.

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In addition to New Year’s Eve and Halloween, Lambert says Mardi Gras is one of the deadliest times to be on the roads due to the number of impaired drivers. From 2016 to 2020 alcohol-related crashes in the state during carnival killed 22 and injured 531 people. And it’s not just alcohol…

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Lambert says Mardi Gras is a time to celebrate but there’s a responsible way to celebrate safely by planning for a sober driver. He says to keep an eye on your friends and step up if needed.

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The statewide campaign of Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over runs until March 1st.


The present and future of Zion Williamson have been the hottest topics in the NBA over the past week. Speculation continues as to whether Zion will play for the New Orleans Pelicans this season, or ever again. Williamson has missed 113 games since 2019. Pelicans beat writer Christian Clark of NOLA-dot-com says with 23 games remaining in the season, he doesn’t see Zion back on the court in the near future.

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Some of the most direct criticism of Williamson came from former teammate and fellow Duke Alum JJ Redick. Redick characterized Zion as a “detached teammate” and said that has been the case since his rookie year. Clark says the description is accurate and who it came from was telling.

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This offseason the Pelicans can offer Williamson a max extension worth more than $190 million, something no player in his position has turned down. Clark expects that Zion won’t be the first, but he’ll have to show the front office he’s healthy.

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New LSU offensive coordinator Mike Denbrock met with the media for the first time since arriving on the Baton Rouge campus in January. Denbrock described what he wants an LSU offense to look like

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Myles Brennan is expected to be the starter at quarterback. But there’s also Garrett Nussmeier and incoming freshman Walker Howard. Denbrock says they’ll use spring practice to evaluate the quarterbacks…

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