3:30 LRN Newscast February 24

The Russian invasion of Ukraine spurs more concerns from Louisiana’s Congressional delegates. Shreveport Congressman Mike Johnson says the Biden White House needs to hit Vladimir Putin with harsh sanctions as quickly as possible…:

CUT 09(09)      “…since World War II”

Johnson says the U.S. doesn’t have what’s needed to put boots on the ground to defend Ukraine right now, but bipartisan action from Congress and Biden will do a lot to deter Russia.

The principal of West St. Mary High School, in Baldwin, is arrested for theft. St. Mary Sheriff’s deputies say 41-year-old Donald Sanders III allegedly took somewhere between 1-thousand and 5-thousand dollars from the school. His bail has not yet been set.


The invasion of Ukraine has given already high inflation a boost. Gasoline prices are already spiking. LSU energy policy expert David Dismukes says the statewide average cost is $3.31, and it could hit $4.00 if high demand for gas continues…:

CUT 04(11)      “…prices go.”

Meanwhile the state’s Public Service Commission asks companies who provide power, water, cable TV and internet to be on guard against cyber-attack, as Russia’s aggression may not be limited to airstrikes and troops. New Orleans PSC Member Lambert Boissiere says instability like this is prime time for cyber criminals seeking to disrupt business…:

CUT 06(09)      “…power flowing.”

A St. Tammany Parish Sheriff’s deputy is fired and arrested on dozens of counts of child pornography and sexual abuse involving animals. Corporal Chris Cassidy had been a deputy since 2006.