12:30 LRN Newscast December 23

The Louisiana Public Service Commission approves Entergy’s request to charge its customers an additional 10-dollars a month for the next 15 years to pay for the damage done to the power grid from four hurricanes and a winter storm. PSC member Foster Campbell voted no because he believes Entergy should also pay part of the repair bill…
cut 12 (09) “…on to the people”
But fellow PSC member Eric Skrmetta voted for the surcharge and credited Entergy for getting the power back on as fast as they did.

Baton Rouge Congressman Garret Graves predicts another surge in gasoline and electricity prices because of what he calls Russia’s veiled invasion of Ukraine. Graves says Russia is one of the largest net exporters of oil and gas in the world…
cut 6 (11) “….electricity bills”
Graves says the Ukraine-related sanctions imposed by the United States, European countries and others will cut of Russian energy supplies. The Congressman says the best way to temper sustained high energy prices is let to American workers produce American energy.

AARP data shows an alarming increase in COVID transmission among Louisiana nursing homes for the month of January. AARP State Director Denise Bottcher says staff cases increased from 102 in December to 55-hundred, and for residents, it went from 54 to 36-hundred.
Cut 3 (04) “…nursing homes.”
And while case numbers increased radically with the Omicron variant Bottcher credits the high vaccination and boosted rate of 56-percent among nursing home residents at lowering COVID fatalities.

Governor John Bel Edwards testified today in front of the U-S Senate Environment and Public Works Committee at a field hearing in Delaware to discuss the state’s work on coastal restoration and to implore the federal government to take more expedient action as impacted regions see more and more erosion with each passing year.
Cut 9 (13) “…unnecessary delays.”