11:30 LRN Newscast February 23

A bill for the regular legislative session next month would expand what constitutes “justifiable homicide.” Kevin Gallagher reports on a bill to allow the use of a gun to defend one’s property from rioters.

Cut 3 (31) “…I’m Kevin Gallagher.”

Entergy is appearing before the Public Service Commission seeking to charge customers more than $3 billion to cover storm repair costs. If approved, households would see a $10 monthly surcharge added to their bills for the next 15 years. PSC Commissioner Foster Campbell says Entergy would pay nothing under that plan.

Franklinton Senator Beth Mizell is once again attempting to pass her “Fairness in Women’s Sports Act,” after last year’s legislative effort forced the first veto session in modern Louisiana history. The bill prohibits a female sports team from allowing students who are not biologically female to participate.

Cut 7 (07) “…of this bill.”

Governor Edwards said he vetoed the bill because it was mean-spirited and searching for a problem that doesn’t exist.

New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell and other elected officials were photographed not wearing facemasks at the Mayor’s Mardi Gras Ball last Friday evening, drawing some ire from the public. Despite the city’s COVID requirements that face masks must be worn inside public spaces, with the exception of eating and drinking, photos from the event appear to show otherwise. City spokesperson Beau Tidwell says the guidelines will remain in place throughout Mardi Gras.

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