### AM Newscall February 3### Corrected District #s for Letlow and Johnson

Debate on new proposed congressional districts for the state begins today. While Democrats have proposed maps with a second minority-majority district, the republican submission expands two districts due to a population shift. Brooke Thorington explains

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A special task force appointed by the Governor approves its action plan for reaching net-zero greenhouse emissions by 2050 … but some are less than enthused. More from Kevin Gallagher…:

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Louisiana may have its first reported case of a neurodegenerative disease that attacks white-tailed deer. David Grubb has the story…

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The legislature is expected to begin debate today on new congressional districts in the redistricting session today. Due to population shifts in Louisiana, Republican Senator Sharon Hewitt says the proposed map she’s submitted enlarges districts of 4 and 5 geographically due to a decline in population in North Louisiana.

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In Hewitt’s proposed map District 4, Congressman Mike Johnson’s, would expand more to the east and south, and District 5, Congresswoman Julia Letlow’s, would add more parishes to the south of the current district including more of the Florida parishes.

On the topic of creating a second minority-majority congressional district and the proposed maps from Democratic Senators Cleo Fields and Karen Carter Peterson, Hewitt says just because a district qualifies as a 50-percent plus one minority district….

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In response to Senator Fields’ comments that the state is 33-percent Black therefore should have a second district for minority representation, Hewitt says it’s an oversimplification and geography has to be taken into consideration also. She says when you take minority voters out of District 2 to create a second district…

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The redistricting session, which must end by the 20th will also consider BESE, legislative, and Public Service Commission districts and possibly Supreme Court districts.


This week, a special task force appointed by Governor Edwards approved a Climate Action Plan for Louisiana, designed to reach net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by the year 2050. Harry Vorhoff chairs the Climate Initiatives Task Force and says the plan has 28 strategies and 84 specific actions to attain that goal. He says a great deal of the state’s emissions come from the energy and chemical industries, and their concerns were kept in mind…:

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Louisiana Chemical Association (LCA) president Greg Bowser says his group is in basic support of the Action Plan, but they do have concerns that well-intentioned government regulation could prove costly for them, and everyone else…:

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The Action Plan outlines steps industry can take to lower greenhouse emissions by using more electrically-powered processes; moving away from fossil fuel-generated devices. Vorhoff says he appreciates the LCA’s concerns…:

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But Bowser says history is full of cases where overreaching government regulation has impeded industry, progress and cost jobs; placing restrictions on businesses and industries before the technology to achieve those restrictions was in place. He says this is what worries them about Climate Action Plan..:

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You can read the details of the plan at “gov.louisiana.gov”


Louisiana may have its first reported case of a neurodegenerative disease that attacks white-tailed deer. Samples from an adult buck hunter-harvested in Tensas Parish showed signs of Chronic Wasting Disease or CWD.

Tensas Parish has been an area under observation by the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries since 2018. Dr. Jim LaCour says LDWF has been preparing for CWD to make its way from neighboring states and into Louisiana.

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The state received a preliminary positive test result on the deer from the Louisiana Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory at LSU, and now it awaits confirmation from the National Veterinary Services Laboratory in Ames, Iowa, which would put LDWF protocols into effect.

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Dr. LaCour says that we can help by keeping our eyes open for deer that look emaciated, uncoordinated, and have a lack of fear of people, among other warning signs, and reporting when we do.

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Additional information on Chronic Wasting Disease is available on the LDWF website.


While folks in north Louisiana are feeling the chill this morning, before the end of the day the remainder of the state will also. State Climatologist Barry Keim says get ready as the cold front crosses the state causing the temps to decrease throughout the day.

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Along with a dip in the mercury, you’ll need an umbrella with widespread showers expected today to bring anywhere from one to four inches of rain. Northern parishes could see a wintry mix of precipitation but once it moves through the state, Keim says the front will be more about colder weather versus rain, just like Punxsutawney Phil predicted.

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And don’t expect a reprieve for the weekend either. Keim says you’ll need an extra blanket and your winter coat well into next week and you can blame it all on the groundhog who saw his shadow Tuesday.

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Brian Kelly had some solid wins and some notable losses on National Recruiting Day. LSU was able to add cornerback Jaelyn Davis-Robinson early in the day, before losing out on in-state players Trevonte Citizen and Danny Lewis, and Texas wideout Caleb Douglas. The Tigers did hit a home run by locking in five-star linebacker Harold Perkins, considered by many to be the top remaining prospect available. Greg Rogers, who coached Perkins at Cypress Park High in Texas, says LSU is getting a special young man.

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Matt Moscona, of ESPN Radio in Baton Rouge, says the Tigers missed out on some of their biggest targets because the state of Louisiana is at a disadvantage when it comes to Name, Image, and Likeness packages available for players. LSU has tapped its boosters plenty over the last year, and Moscona says there’s a limit to how many times they’re willing to open their wallets.

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Louisiana Tech football signed five players on Wednesday, Jonesboro defensive back Devontae Mozee, an offensive lineman from Australia and Texas, Texas running back DeAnthony Gatson, and Joe Locke a tight end from Texas. First-year head coach Sonny Cumbie says they are good additions…

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Running back DeAnthony Gatson is the most high-profile signee. The former USC commitment is a three-star running back. Cumbie credits the hard work of his assistant coaches in recruiting Gatson…

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