3:30 LRN Newscast Feb 1

Governor Edwards meets with the Legislative Black Caucus today to discuss what he knew about the death of Black motorist Ronald Greene, who died after a violent struggle with State Troopers. Edwards says he was made aware of Greene’s fatal arrest in May of 2019 the day after his death but didn’t see the videos of the arrest until October 2020. That’s when he called the actions of the officers in the video unacceptable and should be investigated. Appearing on Talk Louisiana today Democratic state Senator Cleo Fields says he’s frustrated there’s no state agency investigating state police regularly.

Cut 4 (07) “…real problems”

Greene’s family was initially told he died in a car crash. Republicans are calling for an investigation to see if the governor was involved in a cover-up.

The federal government is sending Louisiana 111-million dollars to plug and restore abandoned oil and gas wells. The money comes from the one-trillion-dollar infrastructure bill and the first allocation is for 47-million dollars. Senator Bill Cassidy says in many cases the wells were last owned by a company that’s now out of business or it’s hard to determine ownership of that well…

Cut 14 (11)  “…pay for it” 

If you’re looking to get a CDL and enter the trucking industry, the Louisiana Workforce Commission wants to help by paying for your training. LWC Secretary Ave Cates says women make up only 7-percent of drivers. Cates says she read about a nurse who left the medical field and entered the trucking industry.

Cut 12 (08) “…registered nurse.”  

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