AM LRN Newscall Dec 31

Louisiana will be a feature in the 133rd Annual Rose Parade Saturday morning. Kevin Gallagher has more…:

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The staggering increase in COVID cases since his year-end press conference last week prompted Governor John Bel Edwards to hold another briefing. Brooke Thorington has more.

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In addition, taking COVID precautions state officials are also asking you to practice safety when setting off fireworks for New Year’s Eve. State Fire Marshal spokesperson Ashley Rodrigue says before you light your first explosive be sure they are legal at your location.

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If you’re setting off fireworks in a city and or parish where they are legal, Rodrigue says to be sure to detonate your fireworks at least 200 feet away from any structures, vehicles, and in hurricane-impacted areas…

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Never light fireworks if you are under the influence, and never allow children to light or handle fireworks. And it’s a good idea to have a bucket of water or a hose nearby in case things go awry. When you’ve finished Rodrigue says to be sure everything is properly extinguished.

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Rodrigue says it’s much safer to enjoy a public fireworks display versus creating your own.


The Great Holiday Heat Wave of 2021 is almost over. State Climatologist Barry Keim says a significant cold front will begin moving across Louisiana in the afternoon and evening of New Year’s Day…:

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Keim says we’ve seen the last of the unseasonably warm 80-degree temperatures of the past several days. Saturday will see temperatures dropping along with some precipitation; some of it possibly severe in the northern half of the state. He says the cooling continues through the weekend…:

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Keim says the New Year holiday will usher in 2022’s first freeze for Louisiana…:

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Louisiana will be on display to the world Saturday, in the 133rd annual Tournament of Roses Parade. Speaking from Pasadena, California, where the Louisiana float is being assembled, Lt. Governor Billy Nungesser says the first-ever Rose Parade float representing a whole state must follow the main rule: everything is made of flowers or plants…:

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The Louisiana “Feed Your Soul” float features cypress trees, pelicans, alligators, jazz and New Orleans; all represented with natural plant materials. As for float riders, Nungesser says they invited real Louisiana heroes to be in the parade…:

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Parade floats often have music and Nungesser says Livingston Parish’s own Lane Hardy – a past American Idol winner – will be providing that. Nungesser worked hard to make arrangements for our state to take part in the parade, with a first-of-its-kind entry…:

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The Rose Parade broadcast starts at 10 am Louisiana time, and can be seen on ABC, NBC, the Hallmark Channel, and on RFD TV.


Amid the recent surge of COVID cases and hospitalizations in Louisiana, Governor John Bel Edwards implores residents to take proper precautions in an effort to reduce transmission of the virus but fell short of reinstating a mask mandate for the state.

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While Edwards shared the latest statistics of the Omicron surge in Louisiana, he says even though a mask mandate is not in place it doesn’t mean one should ignore their vital use to mitigate COVID.

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The governor encourages more people to get vaccinated and or boosted because COVID vaccinations have shown to significantly reduce hospitalizations and severe illness.

Edwards recognizes that wearing a face mask is an inconvenience but it’s a minor request in an effort to keep more people from falling ill or even hospitalized.

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Edwards also acknowledges that many COVID testing sites are overwhelmed and the difficulty of locating home tests. He says if you are showing symptoms and unable to get tested assume you are positive and isolated.


The Saints face a must-win situation on Sunday in order to make the playoffs when they host the Carolina Panthers in the final home game of the year. But the Black and Gold have won only once inside the Dome this year. Offensive tackle James Hurst can’t pinpoint why they haven’t been more successful in New Orleans…

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Cornerback P-J Williams says it’s been frustrating they have not been able to take advantage of home-field advantage…

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