LRN PM Newscall December 29

One of Louisiana’s most wanted murder suspects is now behind bars. Michelle Southern has the story…

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The New Orleans butcher who introduced NFL great John Madden to the Louisiana “turducken” mourns the passing of the football legend. Brooke Thorington has that…:

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State Police are investigating a fatal officer-involved shooting in Lake Charles. Troop D spokesman Trooper Derek Senegal says it began with LCPD officers called to an address where a man had fired shots into a home twice; the second time hitting someone inside…:

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Lake Charles Police caught up with an armed and body-armored 22-year-old Christopher Thomas at another residence, where they tried to negotiate his surrender. Trooper Senegal says Thomas retreated inside the house…:

Cut 4 (12) “…he actually died.”

As with all police officer-involved shootings in the state, LSP is investigating. Senegal says they’ll seek out any surveillance video which may help in the investigation…:

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After a five-hour standoff, the suspected gunman in the first shooting during homecoming on the campus of Grambling State is now in custody. State Trooper Michael Reichardt says they had been looking for 18-year-old Jatavious Carroll, aka “Rabbit” since October 13th. He says the US Marshal’s located Carroll in a home in Delhi.

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The October 13th shooting injured a 16-year-old and killed 19-year old Damarius Murphy of Rayville. Reichardt says multiple agencies assisted in Tuesday’s standoff with Carroll

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Reichardt says the two suspected gunmen in the October 17th shooting on the Grambling campus, that killed one person and wounded seven were taken into custody previously one December 6th the other November 11th.

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Carroll is being held in the Lincoln Parish Jail.


The man who introduced NFL great John Madden to one of his favorite dishes – the TURDUCKEN – mourns the passage of the football legend. New Orleans butcher Glenn Mistich says he first met Madden in 1996, during the Saints – Rams game. During an appearance on WWL radio, the subject of the “turducken” came up…:

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For the unenlightened, a “turducken” is a chicken, stuffed inside a duck, stuffed inside a turkey. The dish has become a holiday table tradition for many across the state. Mistich says, after talking with Madden quite a bit, he sent the Madden family one. That quickly became a tradition of its own…:

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Madden frequently raved about the turducken during broadcasts, and Mistich says that undoubtably contributed to the popularity of the food…:

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Madden passed away, at age 85, and Mistich says he will miss his friend. Mistich does not claim to have invented the turducken. That honor lies with the late Chef Paul Prudhomme of New Orleans.


LSU Football Coach Brian Kelly has named Matt House as his defensive coordinator. House is the linebackers coach at Kansas City and previously served as a defensive coordinator on the collegiate level at Kentucky, FIU, and Pittsburgh. Baton Rouge sports talk show host Matt Mascona says House seems like a solid hire

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House will remain with the Kansas City Chiefs until their season ends. K-C defensive back and former LSU star Tyrann Mathieu gave a ringing endorsement of House’s hiring. Mascona says Mathieu says House is one of the best coaches he’s been around…

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House spent three seasons with Kentucky, two as defensive coordinator. House’s 2018 Kentucky defense ranked sixth in the nation in points allowed, he’s also credited with helping to defensive lineman Aaron Donald when he was at Pittsburgh. Mascona says Kelly has been hiring assistant coaches for a long time now and knows what he’s looking for…

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