1:30 LRN Newscast Dec 29

The state reports an alarming 9,378 new COVID cases today, a jump of more than 5,000 from Tuesday. The number does not include at-home COVID test results. Hospitalizations also increased dramatically by 145 patients in one day to 659. Current hospitalizations are up 142% from a week ago. Health officials are encouraging all, regardless of vaccination status to mask indoors.

State Police are investigating an officer-involved shooting after Lake Charles PD exchanged gunfire with 22-year-old Christopher Thomas. As with all police officer-involved shootings in the state, LSP is investigating. Trooper Derek Senegal says they’ll seek out any surveillance video which may help in the investigation.

Cut 5 (14) “…put together a report.”

After a five-hour standoff in Delhi the suspected gunman in the first fatal shooting during homecoming on the campus of Grambling State is now in custody. State Trooper Michael Reichardt says they had been looking for 18-year-old Jatavious Carroll, aka “Rabbit” since October 13th. Reichardt says multiple agencies assisted in Tuesday’s standoff with Carroll.

Cut 7 (09) “…even better.”  

The man who introduced NFL great John Madden to one of his favorite dishes – the TURDUCKEN – mourns the passage of the football legend. New Orleans butcher Glenn Mistich says, after talking with Madden quite a bit, he sent the Madden family one. That quickly became a tradition of its own.

Cut 10 (07)  “…Christmas as well.”

For the unenlightened, a “turducken” is a chicken, stuffed inside a duck, stuffed inside a turkey. The dish has become a holiday table tradition for many across the state.