4:30 LRN Newscast Dec 20

Five lives lost in two separate-but-related accidents on I-49 in St. Landry Parish last Friday night. The first was caused by a Georgia driver who got on the interstate going the wrong way. State Police Trooper Tom Gossen…:

CUT 09  (11)        “in the left lane.”

Lundy was killed, as was the 20-year-old driver of the other vehicle and two teen passengers; all three siblings. A while later, a vehicle slammed into a State Police cruiser that was directing traffic around the first accident. That driver, from Texas, was also killed.

Shreveport Police seek the man who knocked on the door of a home on the southwest side of town Sunday afternoon, asked for a man who lived there, then shot that man dead and ran away. The victim is 29-year-old Reginald Jones Jr. Police say the crime was not random. They’ll gladly accept tips on the crime.


Autistic motorists can now get a driver’s license that quickly and easily identifies them as such. Matt Boudreaux is with the state OMV. He says the legislature approved the designation last spring…:

CUT 03  (10)        “…on their license.”

The word “autistic” will appear right under the driver’s photo. The change can be done in a pretty short time, with a visit to the OMV.

Who isn’t talking about that brilliant Saints win over the Buccaneers last night in Tampa Bay? Tom Brady was sacked 4 times in the Black & Gold’s win over the Super Bowl champs. The final score was 9 – 0, with the Saints racking up only 212 yards total offense. Quarterback Taysom Hill threw for just 154 yards. He says what the defense did against a Brady-led offense is impressive…:

CUT 13(12)      “…incredibly.”

The Saints are now 7 – 7 on their season.